CONAI presented the 2nd edition of the Sustainability Report of the Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi, which showed with numerical evidence the central role of the Consortium in the Italian circular economy, with the generation of environmental, economic and social benefits for Italy
50 million tonnes of packaging waste, for a total of 130 million cubic meters of packaging and the failure to release 40 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. These are the quantities of waste for which CONAI and the Consortium system have ensured recycling from 1998 to 2016, ranging from just under 190,000 tonnes in 1998 to just over 4 million tonnes in 2016 and avoiding the construction of 130 medium sized landfills.

In 20 years, the recycling rate in Italy grew more than double the EU average, filling the gap of 15 percentage points that our country set off, with performance approaches to the reference model in Europe, Germany .

In 2016, thanks to the recycling of packaging waste, primary energy was saved for 19 TWh, equivalent to the consumption of 11 power plants above 1 GWh, while energy recovery allowed the production of Electricity for 140 GWh.
In addition, carbon dioxide emissions of 3.6 million tonnes have been saved thanks to the recycling start-up, with a total value of 40.6 million tonnes in 20 years.

The Sustainability Report is available here