EXPRA member GreenPak wins Koperattivi Malta Special Award

GreenPak Cooperative was recently presented with a Special Award by Koperattivi Malta, a non-political organisation promoting the co-operative business model and its social responsibility dimension. GreenPak was recognised for leading member businesses to adopt sustainable practices, as well as engaging a large number of companies in financing vital community waste recycling services despite competing on the market.
Importantly, GreenPak was acknowledged for its positive results in waste recovery, amongst others through education in recycling. Two of GreenPak’s educational campaigns particularly stood out: ‘Nirrickla ghall-Istrina’ and ‘Irrickla u Irbah’.

For the past six years, GreenPak’s ‘Nirrickla ghall-Istrina’ has each year encouraged schools and businesses to collect plastic caps. In 2016, over 14 million plastics caps, weighing almost 43 tonnes, were recycled. The proceedings go towards a charity – the Community Chest Fund Foundation; €20,000 were raised only in 2016. Meanwhile, the ‘Irrickla u Irbah’ campaign, which is a recycle and reward campaign, runs now its seventh edition. The campaign promotes recycling by randomly selecting and rewarding Maltese citizens that use one of GreenPak’s community recycling services.

GreenPak’s innovative, citizen-focused approach will continue to successfully drive the collection and recycling of packaging waste in Malta while demonstrating the societal value of industry-driven extended producer responsibility.

For more information on GreenPak’s campaigns, please see here.