Dear Reader,
I do sincerely hope that you had some time to welcome and enjoy the coming of the spring, despite the busy period and the ongoing debates and discussions around the Circular Economy Package! The spring is the very season, with the nature waking up, which makes us more conscious about how to keep our home, our city or village and our countries green and clean!
A very appropriate time, when here in Brussels finally the voting on the WFD and the PPWD in the Plenary of the European Parliament took place and with a big majority gave a strong mandate to MEP Bonafe to negotiate her report with the Council of Member States.

The discussions among Member States are also moving faster forward and we hope that the Council would have already a good basis for the trialogue negotiations to be started probably in the middle of this year.

EXPRA like all major stakeholders in Brussels, is continuing its efforts in presenting and defending our position and proposals, especially in regards to the EPR general requirements and the measuring of recycling objectively and fairly, ensuring that recycling quality guaranteed by respective standards for the benefit of our members, obliged industry and of course in the end for all our inhabitants. Of course in this process we are relying on networking and joining forces with like minded associations in order to provide for a sound and realistic legal framework which will contribute in practice for a genuine Circular economy and best performing EPR systems.

Wishing you a happy Easter Holidays and time to enjoy family and friends!

Enjoy your reading!