The initiative is named Be WaPP (Wallonie Plus Propre) and was set up with the aim of improving public cleanness in Wallonia by focusing on behavior change.
It is the result of a partnership agreement signed on 1 February 2016 between Wallonia and companies that place packed products on the Belgian market (via the Fost Plus, Fevia, Comeos federations) to combat negative impact of improper behaviour on public cleanness.

Public cleanness is a complex societal issue, which requires the involvement and collaboration of all, at all levels. Be WaPP’s mission is to become a reference and knowledge center for public cleanliness and a catalyst for action.

To this end, it has as its ambition, by providing adequate financial and operational resources, to:

  • Coordinate the efforts of the various stakeholders involved in maintaining public cleanness,
  • Share best practices and encourage their implementation,
  • Conduct awareness campaigns and encourage innovation.

You can read more about the initiative here