ÇEVKO Foundation conducted a survey in İstanbul in 11 districts (Ataşehir, Avcılar, Bağcılar, Bakırköy, Beşiktaş, Kadıköy, Kartal, Maltepe, Pendik, Şişli, Zeytinburnu) with 500 face to face, and 1,133 digital interviews involving the general Turkish public.
“The Recycling of Packaging Waste Perception Survey With the İstanbul and Turkey General Public Consumers” has ended.

The participants of the survey which was conducted by an independent research company were consumers who were over 18; of AB, C, DE socio-economic status with an age average of 35, consisting of 34% women Turkey-wide, and 48% in İstanbul. The consumers answered questions on their consideration for the nature; how they reflected this consideration on their consumption habits; whether they collected packaging waste separetely or not; and if they had enough knowledge about the separate collection of waste by the district municipality they were connected to.

Consumer results within İstanbul!

The results of the Perception Survey revealed that 23% of the consumers “bought brands that show consideration for the nature”; 15% “preferred to buy brands showing consideration for the nature despite their high prices”; and 32% “collected packaging waste separately and deposited it into the recycling bins”

When asked if their district municipality collected packaging waste separately, 47% of the consumers said “they knew that their municipality collected waste separately”; 40% had no information on the subject; and 13% claimed that their municipality did not collect packaging waste separately.

The consumers living in İstanbul were also asked whether they collected separately glass packaging waste, which requires special care due to the content. The rate of consumers who said they collected glass packaging waste together with other packaging stuff was 51%.
These rates were higher with consumers who attended the surveys made on the internet.

The analysis of the results for the whole of Turkey showed that digitally-aware people had a more responsible attitude towards nature, and that there was an increase in the rates of collecting waste separately. 62% of the consumers in this group pointed out that they “bought brands showing consideration for the nature” while the rate of the consumers who “preferred brands that show consideration for the nature despite their high prices” was 44%.

The rate of the general consumer collecting packaging waste separately within İstanbul was 32%. However, this rate went up to 70% with users who have digital awareness. In addition, the rate of digitally-aware consumers collecting glass packaging waste separately from other packaging waste was higher with a ratio of 57%. They were also asked if their district municipalities in İstanbul collected glass waste separately. The answer to this was “Yes” with a ratio of 71%, and “No” with a ratio of 29%.

In order to recycle packaging waste for the country economy, social consciousness must be increased!

Mete İmer pointed out that recycling was of utmost importance in the combat with climate change, which is a great threat for the world, and that social consciousness in all segments of the population should be increased. İmer also drew attention to the fact that in an economic and sustainable recycling system, glass packaging waste should be collected separately from other types of waste and properly dispatched for recycling.

Meter İmer went on to say the questions asked to the consumers proved that their works as a foundation to establish in Turkey a sustainable recycling system, which is an indication of being developed, were appreciated by the consumers.

İmer added that to be recognised with a rate of 70% was a driving force that motivated them, and said, “As ÇEVKO Foundation we will continue to work for a sustainable recycling system which will increase our prosperity as a nation, bring numerous benefits to the environment, nature, and our economy as long as all parties concerned carry out their responsibilities on this topic.”