The objective of the campaign, which will be present in the mainstream media, is to make tangible the importance to the environment of the recycling of the packaging waste which is deposited in the yellow container.

Why is recycling useful? This is the question that many people ask when it comes to properly separating their waste. Ecoembes, the non-profit environmental organization that promotes sustainability through the recycling of used packaging in Spain, responded to this issue with its new advertising campaign “Respira” , the first at the national level to encourage the separate collection of packaging waste in the yellow container.

The main objective is to show citizens tangibly the benefits of recycling the packaging waste which is deposited in the yellow container (plastic, cans and beverage cartons) for the environment . In order to transmit this message, Ecoembes has made several advertising spots in which it shows with real data how the separate collection of waste counteracts the air pollution, a problem with increasing importnace not only in Spain but aslo world-wide. This information can be verified on its website where the equivalences used are explained, as a result of calculating the savings of the CO2 emissions that are produced by the use of recycled material in the making of new products.

The campaign will be present in different communication channels throughout the year, including TV, Internet and radio. In addition, there are different versions of the spots. Esecially for television, two different announcements with different information and duration have been elaborated. The campaign will be aslo present on social networks through the hashtag #ReciclaYRespira.