Another year of crucial importance for EXPRA and its members is near its end. Like 2015 this year was full of challenges, but also we can be proud with positive results in promoting our believes among the major stakeholders and especially the EU Institutions: the Commission, the Parliament and the Council.
I believe that we could all agree that 2016 was under the sign of the Circular Economy Package. We all witnessed the major interest the package and especially the waste legislative proposals met in the Parliament – over 2000 amendments, submitted by the EP ENVI and ITRE Committees’ members. The discussions in the Council are also taking more time than expected and there are issues, which need to be discussed further like exemptions, the overall level of ambition of the legally binding targets across the legislative package and how to take into account efforts on re-use.

And this attention is logical, given the major importance of the Package: still it is not only about legislation or waste management but much more. The Circular Economy concerns also a major change in our every day behavior and our way of thinking as consumers. Do we need to buy new clothes every month, do we need to change/buy new appliances when there is a slight problem, are we saving resources in the office and at home? I believe that the change should start from every one of us!

And I would like to note that EXPRA members are promoting environmentally responsible behavior from many years. As you can see in our News from members section, apart from the recovery and recycling targets implementation, there are numerous information and public awareness campaigns implemented every year by each EXPRA member. We at EXPRA see these activities as a major prerequisite for the implementation of our mission: to save resources and care for the environment, without making a profit out of it.

We are looking forward to the new challenges in 2017, when we will of course remain actively involved in the discussions and continue to share our thorough knowledge of over 25 years and best practices in end-of-life management of packaging with the European Institutions and other major stakeholders.

And last but not least I would like to wish you relaxed holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Enjoy your reading!