New President of Fost Plus & The sustainable management of household packaging in Belgium in numbers

Baudouin Van Eeckhout is the new president of Fost Plus

Baudouin Van Eeckhout is a civil engineer in construction and a graduate in economics from UCL. He has more than twenty years of experience in retailing. He is currently Honorary Vice President of Delhaize Group where he also served as Vice President Technical & Indirect Procurement – Europe and Technical Director (Delhaize Le Lion). On the occasion of his designation, Mr Van Eeckhout stated: “I accepted this mission with pride because I have always felt that the very pragmatic approach of Fost Plus has proved its efficiency by placing a country as complex as Belgium on the world podium in Recycling. “

Sustainable management of household packaging in Belgium in numbers

On the occasion of the European Week of Waste Reduction, Fost Plus takes stock of the contribution to the sustainable development of the Belgian recycling system for packaging, which is at the heart of its mission.
The choices made by packaging managers, public authorities and operators make it possible to place Belgium among the best performing countries in Europe in this field and are also beneficial for the environment.
These results are possible thanks to the active participation of citizens, who sort their packaging waste according the instructions and the sustained efforts of the companies involved. In addition to funding the system, it should be noted that the obliged industry plays an active role also in the development of eco-designed packaging and in recycling.
Given the very high quality of sorted waste sent for recycling, end-of-life packaging should not be considered as a waste, but as a “secondary” raw material. The Fost Plus approach is therefore fully in line with the circular economy, which aims to use resources in a more sustainable way. Indeed, the reuse and recycling of a maximum of materials have a positive impact on the environment: less waste, lower energy consumption, less CO2 emissions, etc.
The few indicators listed in the graphic bellow, summarize the contribution of the Belgian management of household packaging for sustainable development.