The autumn EXPRA General Assembly took place in Brussels on 24 November.
The meeting was preceded by the traditional common dinner on 23 November where EXPRA members were joined by external guests from BusinessEurope, ACR+, EucoLight and Tetra Pak. The participants had also the chance to visit the LivingTomorrow museum, where scientists are trying to show how people will live in the future, especially by using the available technology and applications.
During the formal part of the General Assembly the budget, the budget distribution method and the membership fees for 2017 were approved.
The public part of the General Assembly meeting, where additional guests from Procter & Gamble and EuroCommerce joined, started with a presentation of Mr Julius Langendorff from DG Environment of the European Commission. He explained the main topics of discussion in the Council of Member states with relevance for EXPRA and its members, including: target levels, the calculation method, EPR, re-use and separate collection.
The other speakers at the GA meeting included Ms Andrea Nam from CEN – European Committee for Standardization, who presented the development and functioning of CEN standards and Mr Ales Rod, from the Centre for Economic and Market Analyses (CETA), Czechia, who presented the findings of a study comparing a single service PRO solution with multi service PROs solutions, concluding that within the artificial market of EPR for packaging the multiple PROs are not always the most efficient solution.
Ms Maryse Vermette, CEO of our Canadian EXPRA member EEQ presented the Innovative Glass Works Plan which will help EEQ tackle the challenges of glass recycling with major investments and a plan driven by green economy principles.