Slovaks do not produce a lot of waste – up to 321 kg per year, but only about 6 % (25 kg) goes for recycling. The new webpage can help to consider Slovaks´ attitude towards the environment.

If visitors want to know whether they belong to the group of eco-gods, eco-sapiens, eco-lazybones or even to eco-killers, they can go through a test mapping their ecological footprint.

Children love waste sorting. On this idea ENVI – PAK created an online “colouring book” that creatively connects the basic colour alphabet with motivating small children to sort waste. It is designed for desktops, tablets and other mobile devices. Forest animals teach little children that if the waste is sorted properly, it will please them and the nature as well. The information children gain at school will be passed to their parents and grandparents.

The online colouring book can be found here: