Also for 2016 and 2017 Italy confirms a continuous improvement:
according to the estimates contained in the CONAI plan in 2016 is expected 12.6 million tonnes packaging put on the market with a recovery of 9.9 million tons of packaging waste (78.9%), of which 8.4 million tons sent to recycling (67.2%).
Estimates in 2017 provide 12.8 million tons put on the market with 10.2 million tonnes recovered (79.7%), of which 8.7 million tonnes due to recycling (68.1%).
The Consortia system is engaged in an effort increasing the development separate waste collection in the areas of the country still lagging behind. In 2016 is expected an amount of materials to be recycled for over 3.9 million tonnes (+ 3.9% compared to 2015) with a further increase in 2017 (+ 5.1% in one year), such as effects of CONAI and Consortia initiatives to support the development of separate collection especially in areas of the Center-South.