According to data published in the final balance and General Programme of prevention and management of packaging and packaging waste, in 2015 a total of more than 9.000.000 tons of packaging waste were recovered, constituting 78,6% of the total packaging placed for consumption.
8.200.000 tons of used packaging have been recycled – nearly half of it being directly managed by CONAI and Consortium system – thereby making up 66,9% of packaging placed on the market in 2015.
Quantities of packaging waste sent for recycling has been quadrupled in the last twenty years, the urban waste sent for recycling grew from 900 thousand tons in 1998 to 4.2 million in 2015.
As in the past, the result meets and exceeds the goal established by the European Union and national regulations. 3 out of 4 packages today are retrieved, in 1998 were 1 of 3.

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