In an effort to secure quality of life for all, Pakomak initiates simple measures that result with lasting improvements, efficiencie and sustainable benefits for society. One of those initiatives is the eco-school project “Clean environment, clean school, clean hands”, which runs from September, 2012, continuing every following year

Over 43,500 pupils from 66 primary schools were collecting plastic bottles through the year in exchange for liquid soap for the needs of the schools and learned about the selection of packaging waste, the time of decomposition of materials in nature, energy efficiency and renewable energy in order to realize the benefits of proper behavior with packaging waste.
In the school year 2014/2015, students collected 1.500.000 PET bottles or 37.400 kilograms of plastic packaging. This huge quantity of packaging waste indicates that they understand the challenges of today’s life and learn how to cause minimum possible impact on the environment and nature.