Europe is now in turmoil, after the Brexit became a reality on 24 June…We will see in the coming months and years its impact both on the United Kingdom and the European Union, of course spreading over all sectors, including the waste management one.

While trying to gasp all consequences and uncertainties we are of course aware that this could deviate the attention of the EU institutions from the topic of major importance to us: the Circular Economy Package and especially the proposed waste legislation. Of course as this legislation will govern and regulate our day to day work in the next 15 years and beyond, EXPRA like all major stakeholders in Brussels, is focusing its efforts in presenting and defending our position and proposals, especially in regards to the European Parliament where the two reports on the Waste directives, namely the Bonafe report from the ENVI Committee and the Poche report from the ITRE Committee are being discussed. Of course in this process we are relying on networking and joining forces with like minded associations in order to provide for a sound and realistic legal framework which will contribute in practice for a genuine Circular economy and best performing EPR systems.
As an Alliance representing non-profit packaging waste recovery and recycling organizations, owned and run by the obliged industry, we will continue to support stronger EPR provisions enabling a level playing field for the various actors involved, including explicit roles and responsibilities for key players within the supply chain. Based on the vast practical experience of our members coming from 23 Countries, including 17 Member states, we will also continue to promote our proposals for measuring the recycling objectively and fairly, ensuring recycling quality guaranteed by respective standards.
We are also happy to present our updated Brochure with information for all our 25 members and share best practices and recent interesting news from our members.

Wishing you a good start into the summer, although it looks again that it will be quite busy for all of us.

Enjoy your reading!