Over 90 primary students were invited to join the international eco-conserving community and celebrate World Oceans Day at the Malta National Aquarium.
The students were welcomed by Prof. Alan Deidun, a marine biologist and resident academic at the University of Malta, who introduced them to the citizen science campaign ‘Spot the Jellyfish’. The students learnt about the phenomenon of jellyfish blooms in Malta and how marine litter affects the Maltese marine environment.
A craft-making workshop was organised, whereby the students were invited to create marine species rendition by using an assortment of plastic and other non-organic material waste. Her Excellency the Acting President of Malta, Dolores Cristina, presented a memento of participation to each student, whilst the best three displays were given a special gift each.
The World Oceans Day activity was supported by GreenPak Coop Society as part of its ongoing education and awareness programmes.

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