On Tuesday 14 June 2016 the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Committee held a consideration of draft opinions on the legislative proposals on waste.
Mr Poche (S&D) worked on the Amending Directive 2008/98/EC on waste. He contributed 70 amendments, that range from the introduction of a clearer definition of municipal waste and a definition for extended producer responsibility, to the proposal that the Commission shall consider the possibility of setting separate recycling targets for inert non-hazardous commercial and industrial waste by 2025 (at least for paper, metal, and bio-waste). He also suggests that by 2030, the preparing for re-use and the recycling of municipal waste shall be increased to a minimum of 70% by weight, instead of the current 65% proposed by the Commission.
Mr Ferreira (GUE) is responsible for the “packaging and packaging waste” file and has introduced 15 amendments. These include the need to recognise the different starting positions in each of the Member States with regard to the targets that are being set. As different levels of effort will be required to achieve these goals by Member States, the possibility of the Union to support Member States in making the necessary investments should be considered. The draft opinion also calls on Member States to include in their national prevention initiatives environmental awareness-raising activities aimed at the general public and the integration of environmental education activities in school curricula.