„The Greenest Companies in Bulgaria” is a national competition, the emblem of responsible business in the country, which evaluates the greenest companies operating in Bulgaria.
Small and big companies showed and proved that they are making changes to their environment indicators and develop their business in a responsible way for the environment. The study is unique for Bulgaria, taking into account the achievement of ‘green’ targets and corporate strategies. Every year in 13 categories, companies from all sectors of the economy in Bulgaria present their “green” policies and messages.

ECOPACK Bulgaria Ltd won the “Green Oscar” I-st place in the category “Recycling industry, waste management.”
Bulgarian Society for Public Relations also awards ECOPACK BULGARIA in the category “Green communications and urban environments” of the annual competition PR PRIZ- 1st place for the campaign “Ekolabirint” and the 2nd place for ” Become an eco hero, learn all at home to collect separately! ”