In order to tackle the litter problem, of which packaging unfortunately is part of, Fost Plus has elaborated an ambitious litter plan in 2015. This plan aims at changing the citizen’s behaviour and attitude.

As it happens, littering is first and foremost a behavioural, and not a product-related problem. At the same time, the plan is also an efficient alternative to a deposit return system, which is being presented as a miracle solution for the litter problem, both in Flanders and Wallonia. The official launch of the concretization of the packaging business companies’ involvement in the struggle against litter in Flanders and Wallonia, was given with the signature of the agreement with the respective ministers end of January

There is a total annual budget of about 17 million euros available to finance the plan. This significant amount of funding is invested by the members of Fost Plus. It is however the intention to possibly have other sectors, of which products are also found in public spaces, to contribute in the short term both financially and participatory to this plan.

The elaboration of concrete actions for the coming years, as well as the discussions about the cooperation modalities between the public and private sector to solve this problem in an efficient manner, are in a final stage.