The Rinki eco take-back point network is almost complete in Finland. It will be a substantial and successful network once ready. All of the 1,850 take-back points as defined in the packaging decree will be completed and finished during 2016.
The cost of the full producer responsibility will be clarified as the operations begin. We have invested in consumer advice in order to get well-sorted and clean material to the Rinki eco take-back points, so that the recycling process will go according to plan.

The rise of the recycling fee highlights the need to involve all organisations with producer responsibility obligations in Rinki’s operations. We conducted a survey and found out that around 120,000 tonnes of packaging waste do not appear in the statistics. Around EUR 3.5 million that should be paid to the producer responsibility system remain uncollected. All Rinki member organisations should ensure that their partners are dealing with their producer responsibility obligations properly.