Repak is a not for profit company set up by Irish business and owned by its members. Our mission is to deliver on behalf of our members, the best environmentally sustainable packaging recovery compliance scheme for Ireland.

Repak member fees have remained fixed at 2008 levels, and are intended to remain so up to December 2018. A fee rebate scheme for members commenced in January 2015. Early developments in this programme were very positive, with a strong take up by member companies. The programme is expected to return an estimated €1m to members in 2015 who comply with payment and statistical return deadlines.

Repak’s recovery and recycling performance was also strong for the year. Repak members supported the recovery of 812,046 tonnes of packaging waste in 2014, up 14% from 712,054 tonnes in 2013. This was achieved at a cost of €20.279m, better than budget by €103k. Ireland’s overall recovery and recycling rates for 2014, based on EPA estimated figures, will be of the order of 95% and 71% respectively. These rates are well ahead of our approval targets and will maintain Ireland’s position as one of the top performers in Europe for packaging recovery and recycling.

Repak is confident it will achieve all packaging waste targets as set out in the Circular Economy Package issued by the EU Commission. The only material of concern is plastic, the current recycling rate is 40% and the 2025 target is 55%. Repak is taking measures to ensure that this target is met.