Currently the collection of light packaging in Belgium is organized around the blue PMD bag for Plastic bottles and flasks, Metal cans and Drinks cartons.
Six pilot projects that will involve 120 000 inhabitants will start in early 2016. They are designed to test the new collection scenarios to see if it is possible to recycle plastic packagings other than bottles. These projects reflect the shared will of Fost Plus and the public authorities to increase the rate of recycling of plastic packaging waste in Belgium.

For the municipalities taking part in these innovative projects this will involve the replacement of the blue PMD bag with a purple P+MD bag that could also be used for rigid plastic packaging such as tubs, punnets and pots, and sometimes, according to the collection scenario, even for flexible plastic packaging, i.e., foils, bags and sachets.

After their completion, these projects will be thoroughly assessed in order to determine whether the purple P+MD bag might be extended throughout the whole of Belgium in the short or medium term.