The autumn EXPRA General Assembly took place in Brussels on 26 November. As in this period Brussels was in the highest security alert – 4, around 10 members of EXPRA and several guests joined the meeting in person and several others joined by phone.
During the formal part of the General Assembly the budget and the membership fees for 2016 were approved as well as the membership applications from SLOPAK (Slovenia) and EKOPAK Bosnia. EXPRA represents now 25 Packaging Recovery Organizations from 23 countries, including 17 EU Member States.

During the public part of the General Assembly meeting guest speakers joined like Julio Garcia Burguez (DG Envi), Said El Khadraoui, European Political Strategy Centre, EC and Marc Giraud from EucoLight. We also had the pleasure to welcome several guests from obliged industry like Mustan Lalani from Tetra Pak, Andrew Fisk from P&G as well as Virginia Janssens and Francois Paquet from EUROPEN. As the new Circilar Economy package was expected in the beginning of December, the Commission representatives were not able to disclose any details about the proposal for a revised WFD and PPWD; nevertheless, it was possible to have an interesting discussion covering the elements of the new CE proposal, the objectives and the vision of the Commission as well as the rationale behind the package. In his presentation Mr. Marc Giraud presented EucoLight, new association, comprising European WEEE compliance schemes specialized in managing the collection and recycling of WEEE lighting. The Association has very similar believes as EXPRA and supports EXPRA key messages and proposals for amendments