EXPRA joined the updated statement on the Circular Economy Package (CEP) signed by 29 members of the Packaging Chain Forum (PCF) – European industry associations from the whole packaging value chain and single PROs.
The joint statement relates to the legislative proposal that would be a part of Circular Economy Package. Its aim is to leverage a joint, strong and cross industry message to the European Commission ahead of the published CEP on 2 December, and to other stakeholders.

Among the recommended actions to further enable the transition towards a resource-efficient and competitive Circular Economy, are the need to ensure full implementation and enforcement of the Waste Framework Directive and PPWD and strengthening of the legal framework for EPR, that should further include introducing a clear definition of EPR in the PPWD and stipulating binding EU minimum performance requirements for EPR schemes. The need for establishing a comparable and harmonized calculation method and setting realistic and achievable packaging recycling targets is also highlighted in the document.

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