Slopak organized internal workshop for Slovene officials who are preparing the legislation amendments regarding the waste management and packaging waste in particular in Slovenia.
The aim of the workshop was to present how the packaging waste management is organized in some European countries. The workshop should facilitate the decision which solutions to implement in new Slovene legislation regarding the EPR principles and how the packaging recovery organizations should operate. In attendance were officials from Ministry for the Environment and Spatial Planning, Slovenian Environment Agency and Inspectorate for Environment and Spatial Planning.

EXPRA members from Austria (ARA), France (EcoEmballages) and Spain (Ecoembes) were among the speakers as well as Joachim Quoden, Managing Director of EXPRA who provided the overview of different EPR implementations in European countries. His presentation was followed by presentations from Esther Colino from Ecoembes, Alexandra Lange from EcoEmballages and Heribert Löcker from Ara. Each presented valuable insight about different systems that are implemented in respective countries and its strengths and weaknesses.

The workshop provided valuable overview of different EPR implementations as well as good opportunity to the participants and speakers to discuss open questions and concerns about which solutions to implement in Slovenia. The representative of the Ministry expressed appreciation to speakers and Slopak for their valuable contribution.