It is already September and the work has started with full speed again. Of course during the summer we did not slow our speed too much, while preparing the contributions for the public consultations started by the European Commission.
The first one, on Circular Economy, collected over 1400 stakeholders’ views on the main policy options for developing the ambitious new approach on the Circular Economy. The other EC consultation of importance to our sector was the Public Consultation on the Functioning of Waste Markets in the European Union. Its objective was to gain a better understanding of the exact nature and extent of regulatory failures causing distortions to EU waste markets for recycling and recovery. As the Commission is processing the received information, we look forward to see the final result: the new action plan to be published at the end of the year.

A major event for all waste management professionals was the ISWA 2015 World Congress that took place in Antwerp from 7 to 9 September. The motto of the Congress was “Let’s make the most of our resources and waste!”and I am happy to say that EXPRA was actively involved, inter alia chairing a special EPR session.

EXPRA was also one of the stakeholders that joined a meeting on Informal waste collectors, organized in parallel with the ISWA Congress. The informal valuable waste collection is rapidly developing in Europe and has a major impact on the waste management sector. This fact has been acknowledged by ISWA and during the next 2016 Congress in Novi Sad, one full day of the event will be dedicated to this topic.

I believe that until the end of the year and even after our attention will be fully focused on EC and the new Circular Economy proposal. Already 20 European associations, members of the Packaging Chain Forum developed an updated joint statement on the legislative proposal part of the Circular Economy package, giving a cross industry message to the European Commission and to other stakeholders.

Needless to say, EXPRA and its 23 member Organizations will continue to be actively involved in shaping the developments around the new Circular Economy package.

Wishing a good start into the busy autumn season,

Enjoy your reading!