The 2015 Annual GreenPak Local Council Awards organised by GreenPak Cooperative Society saw the introduction of a new award entitled ‘Waste to Recyclables Award’ which is intended to stimulate the diversion of waste away from the refuse bag and towards the recycling bag.

Every year GreenPak organizes this event as a way to award those local councils that have striven most to improve their green credentials. Three local councils were nominated as finalists in each of the six categories i.e. Most Supportive Locality, Most Improved Locality, Best Performance: Glass Recycling, Best Performance Overall and The Inspire Foundation Award.

Ing. Mario Schembri, GreenPak ‘s CEO, said: “With satisfaction, one notices that amongst the runner ups and winners are local councils who have joined GreenPak in recent years for the purpose of improving their environmental credentials. In the space of a few years, these local councils have improved so much that they are now enjoying both benefits and rewards and are an example for others to follow. ”

The award ceremony was attended by more than 80 local council Mayors, Executive Secretaries and Councillors as well as Government Minister Mr. Leo Brincat and Parliamentary Secretary Dr Stefan Buontempo.

Besides receiving the trophy and certificate of achievement, the winning local councils were each awarded a cash prize to support ongoing environmental projects within their localities.

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