Ekopak is the first and leading packaging recovery organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose goal is establishment and development of an efficient and integrated system for the management of all types of packaging waste: glass, paper, metal, plastic, wood, packaging contaminated with hazardous substances and multilayer materials.
Ekopak takes responsibility for the fulfillment of legal obligations on behalf of its clients, producers of packaging, importers, fillers, distributors and retailers, with the lowest sustainable cost and for the benefit of the entire community.

Achievements of Ekopak

In the period 2012-2014 Ekopak fulfilled recycling/recovery targets and increased the number of recycling tones of packaging waste along with the increase of number of clients.

According to the Ordinance on packaging and packaging waste management, specific targets came into force in 2014. Ekopak had a big challenge – in terms of lack of municipal infrastructure and capacity for separate collection and recycling of packaging waste, to provide collection and recycling/recovery of all types of packaging materials: plastic, paper, metal, glass, wood, multilayers and packaging containing and/or the contaminated with hazardous substances. Thanks to network of collectors from all over the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina that Ekopak established, activities on the field were implemented and targets were achieved.

Besides, as Ekopak operates on the non-for-profit principle, Ekopak invests in the local community with an aim of the system development. Consumers are now able to actively participate in the disposal of packaging waste in the 14 municipalities in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina where Ekopak established the system which develops constantly.

Ekopak has significant role in the promotional and educational activities. Targeted group are kids from kindergartens and schools, and so far about 40,000 children participated in different Ekopak projects. Activities of Ekopak can be followed on the link:


Today Ekopak operates on behalf of more than 500 packaging companies. For the three years of its operations Ekopak organized collection and recycling/recovery of more than 20,000 tons of packaging waste. Ekopak is dedicated to further develop transparent, long-term and sustainable business what is real challenge in the circumstances of Bosnia and Herzegovina.