R Prizes, the MFSHOW Laboratory by Ecoembes and Upcycling

Ecoembes appreciate and value every initiative that helps to care for the environment. That’s why this year we will again recognize those initiatives that promote recycling and sustainability.

From 2 September to 12 October, entries for all those wishing are will be accepting of the five categories: “Best corporate measure”, “Best journalism work”, “Best social initiative”, “Best awareness campaign by a government agency” and, new this year, “Best innovation and/or entrepreneurial project”.

And, to top it off, we have a special “Ecoembes 2015 Honorable Mention” and the “Best ambassador for the environment award”.

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Ecoembes presented “The MFSHOW Laboratory by Ecoembes”, an innovative project for young eco designers to develop sustainable collections with recycled material.

Through this initiative Ecoembes aims to inspire recycling in the fashion world and to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the environment by promoting innovation. In this first edition we will recognize the best young designers who are using recycled material for at least 80% of their collections.

The winner of the MFSHOW Laboratory by Ecoembes will get to create a capsule collection using textiles made from recycled materials, to be presented at the February 2016 edition of the MFSHOW WOMEN.

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For the third year running Ecoembes, the fashion company Ecoalf, and the Photography school Efti are organizing the 3rd Annual Photography and Video Upcycling Contest on recycling. The goal of this initiative, launched two years ago, is to come up with ideas on caring for the environment and capturing them in photographs.

Following the success of the previous two years, this year’s edition features a new category: video. This will make it possible to reach a wider audience and to show recycling from a positive, emotional and committed viewpoint.

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