During the last weeks in the exhibition site of Expo 2015 in Milan was achieved a very good result of separate waste collection, in particular packaging and organic waste. This result was possible thanks to the collaboration between Expo, Amsa – the manager of the collection in Milan – and the CONAI system.

From 1 May to 15 September, the rate of separate collection within the site amounted to 65% – with peaks of over 70% in August and in the first two weeks of September – a value greater than that recorded in the entire City of Milan. The progress of the separation of waste has allowed the non-issuance of almost 252 tons of carbon dioxide, the savings of more than 31,500 cubic meters of water and more than 2.7 million kWh of electrical energy, in addition to the lack of production of 1,218 tons of virgin raw materials.

The quantities sent for recycling in the first four months of Expo Milano 2015 allow to produce 143,140 T-shirts (PET), 1,496 benches (mixed plastics), 34,627 wrenches (steel), 1,673 coffee pots (aluminum), 1765 cabinets (wood), 3470847 shoe boxes (paper and cardboard), 900,012 bottles (glass) and 122,205 kg of compost (organic) for the city public parks, just to name some of the products commonly generated from recycled materials.