At the beginning of May responsibility for organising the reception and recycling of pre-sorted packaging waste was transferred to producers. PYR, under the authorisation of Suomen Keräyslasiyhdistys, the producer organisation for glass packaging, is now starting up the collection recycling of glass packaging.

An extensive tendering competition – over 40 firms – proved to be worthwhile. From the tenders received PYR compiled a more cost-effective integrated scheme for the organisation of glass recycling than was projected. The glass packaging waste collected by municipalities and private firms will be received at thirty eight reception terminals throughout Finland. The material will be transported from the terminals via Porvoo harbour to England where the cooperation partner, Berryman, will sort and clean the glass. The glass treated by Berryman has obtained EU End of Waste status, meaning that it is no longer considered to be waste but raw material. Berryman markets the finished glass cullet for the manufacture of Coca Cola bottles and for other applications.

The next step in the EPR process takes place at the beginning of 2016. At this juncture producer responsibility will begin for the organisation of take-back services for consumer packaging at eco-points.