The separate collection of household waste and recycling is directly related to sustainable development and an important part of environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources.

The involvement of the widest range of people, the effective change in the understanding and attitude towards the process of building lasting environmental habits are the main goals of large scale communication campaigns ECOPACK held since its inception.

The main informational and educational initiatives of ECOPACK targeted the kids and aimed to develop a responsible attitude to nature, to sow the seeds of the Green idea in the hearts of our children.

ECOPACK 3D Eco bus: For five years the 3D Eco bus toured schools and kindergartens to train the children to have a responsible attitude towards nature and society. The innovative educational product – 3D movie “Lords of recycling” and the interactive game “Be Eco Hero” transformed the 40-minute lesson in a “flying green classroom”, an unforgettable experience, and the children – in ambassadors for separate collection of packaging waste.

For these five years were visited 107 municipalities, 950 schools and kindergartens, and trained over 150 000 children. With the educational package for adults have been trained and more than 5000 employees of companies and municipalities. ECOPACK investments amounted to 758,392 BGN.

The huge interest of the children to the interactive game in 3D Eco bus gave the idea of ​​a new educational platform based on the Internet – ” Be Eco hero: Teach your family to collect separately”. Through effective cooperation with municipalities and school authorities all students from the first to eighth grade received an information brochure and a card with a unique code. After registration in the platform, the child had to team with a parent to answer questions related to recycling and environmental protection. Each correct answer carried points. The participant who collected the necessary number of points become a member of the Club ” Eco Hero” and had the right to participate in a raffle for prizes. The enthusiasm with which students and their families took part in the initiative far exceeded expectations. The results are indicative – from the beginning of the year 11,700 children from 9 cities (over 35% of students from 98 participating schools) became “Eco Hero” – Ambassadors of separate collection of packaging waste and the green idea in their families and communities.

For the youngest ECOPACK created new fiction characters – three fun “critters”: the Papereater, Plasticeater and Glasseater who lived in the park. They are the “faces” of the latest educational campaign “Feed me separately!” and gave identity o the coloured containers of ECOPACK located near parks in the cities of Sofia, Pleven, Vratsa and Veliko Tarnovo. The new faces attract children’s attention to this serious topic. A special puppet show was developed with the new heros that presents the separate collection of packaging waste as a and fun game enjoyed huge success.

The information and education campaigns of ECOPACK reach millions of Bulgarian families and the separate waste collection becomes recognized need of the people who believe that everyone is responsible for the nature conservation and sustainable development of our society.