Since the beginning of 2015, the ‘Triman’ logo officially entered into force after some years of debates in France. The purpose of this new black stickman figure is to inform consumers whether or not a product is recyclable, and should apply to certain recyclable products placed on the French market that are subject to a system of EPR.

The original idea of the Triman dates back to the Grenelle environmental law, but there has been significant discussions since it was proposed, not least due to firm opposition and fierce lobbying of the industry. As a consequence, the text of the new decree has been significantly watered down and the government has introduced an increased level of flexibility regarding its application. For example, it will only apply to certain products while others are excluded (for example glass and WEEE).

Several environmental NGOs and organisations have reportedly commented that because of this flexibility, the original purpose to inform the consumer about a product’s recyclability and simplify legislation was not achieved, making its application and use even more complicated