On November 23rd, 2014, we uploaded an edited video to our facebook and YouTube page. Our main goal was to show other perspectives of recycling, a fun perspective.

The video presented its viewers with young acrobats, riders, and gymnasts with exceptional throwing capabilities, trying and succeeding to throw packages such as ketchup bottles, cans etc., into the orange bin (meant for recycling packages). One scene even included a milk carton thrown into a boat from the iconic bridge over the Yarkon Rive in TEL AVIV.

Within days this video had become viral, showing not only on Facebook pages but also on mainstream national television, which helped it reach a wider audience, concluding with a whopping 1.22 million views within a week across mediums.

The success of this campaign is mainly attributed to the shift from digital media to traditional telecommunication. This was possible thanks to a combination of a perfect performance and editing, right timing and a strong digital strategy management. Once the video received references in the traditional media, it had become viral.

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