Welcome to the spring edition of the EXPRA e-newsletter. As you already know, you can see its web version here.
After the stormy end of the last year, when the EC proposed to withdraw the Circular Economy Package, as well as other 72 legal acts, the withdrawal has been finalised: The 2015 Work Program of the Commission was published in the EU Official Journal of Saturday 7 March.

Since December last year we have been witnesses of the heated discussions on this topic, especially in the European Parliament and the exchange of statements and open letters from the major stakeholders. As we all know despite the strong opposition, the Commission did not change its decision. Of course now the most important question is how the Commission will move forward, what will be the scope of the new, broader and more ambitious proposal? While the Commission is deciding on its next steps, we will be even more active in our efforts to reiterate our beliefs how the future legislation should look like.

I am glad to say that EXPRA started successfully 2015. We had a prominent role in one of the most important forums for the packaging waste sector – Packaging Waste & Sustainability Forum 2015. I had the honour to chair a special seminar dedicated to the Extended Producer Responsibility, EPR Toolkit: Creating a level playing field for EPR across Europe. We were well represented during the two days of the forum as well: our President and members of the Board of Directors moderated or participated in the different panels. During the three days of the event, there were informative interventions on a wide range of topics – from EU policy developments on the future of circular economy to best practices in the field of material sustainability and ways to address packaging waste across the globe. The broad spread of participants from across the packaging value chain, the European Commission and NGO community, the engaging presentations and debates all contributed to making the event a success.

Enjoy your reading!