HERRCO commissioned one of the most reliable research companies for public opinion, to undergo a Pan-Hellenic survey regarding Packaging Recycling.
The survey’s findings were very encouraging for the future of packaging recycling and the operation of the System of the Blue Bin in our country. Specifically:

  • 96% believe that recycling is important;
  • 73% state that recycling is a stable priority in their daily lives;
  • 94% endorse that Packaging Recycling is identified with Blue Bins.

When questioned about their recycling of packaging in the blue bin, 88% replied positively. On the other hand, even if they do not recycle packaging, they state in the majority (61%) working or practical reasons for not doing so, without doubting though the operation process of the Packaging Recycling. From the overall assessment is shown that packaging recycling in Greece has become a daily practice and that subconsciously Recycling is synonymous with the System of the Blue Bin.