Ecoembes set up in 2014 a working group on Prevention with the 17 Autonomous Communities and the Ministry of Environment.

It has been created as a tool to share knowledge, experience and opinions to build a communication and working space to improve collaboration between Ecoembes and Public Administrations about Prevention and all the work done by licensees on this field.

As long as 2014 is the year in which we need to work in preparing our triennial (2015-2017) Prevention Plan with licencees, we focused all our efforts on this issue with very positive results. We were able to build a new Prevention Plan more robust that help fillers to continue working actively on Prevention and at the same time meet the needs raised by Public Administrations. Additionally, the working group allowed us to organize for the first time events during the European Prevention Week in cooperation with Autonomous Communities. In 2014 we put together 8 events aimed to spread out Design for recycling among a wide variety of audiences, from licensees to university students.