ISWA / RDN / EXPRA Workshop – results

Challenges to separate collection systems for different waste streams – barriers and opportunities.

Informal sector valuable waste collection is a phenomenon that is developing rapidly, due to many factors, such as economic crises, inefficient functioning of the established WM systems, lack of adequate legal provisions and economic instruments.

Over 80 representatives of all stakeholders from 13 countries: academics, researches, EPR schemes, local authorities and business met in Bucharest to exchange their experience and approaches to tackle the challenges.

ISWA / RDN / EXPRA Workshop 201409 – October 9, 2014 – NOVOTEL BUCAREST CITY CENTRE, Bucharest, Romania

Welcome by the organizers (EXPRA / ISWA / RDN)

  • EXPRA – Mr Joachim Quoden, MD
  • Eco-Rom Ambalaje – Mr. Sorin Popescu, CEO
  • ISWA – Mr. Gerfried Habenicht Communications Manager
  • RDN – Mr Alexei Atudorei , Member of ISWA Board

Welcome note

  • Romanian National Environmental Guard – Florin Diaconu, General Commissar

Paving the floor to the topic – Inspiring the audience

  • ISWA – Dr. Helmut Stadler

Overview: “Integration of the invisible and Deniable: Challenges of integrating Informal Recycling within the EU” – Dr. Anne Scheinberg, Director, Noë Waste Measurement Consultants, Wageningen, the Netherlands, and Senior Researcher, UNESCO-IHE, Delft, the Netherlands

“From marginal to inclusive. About to change the paradigm approach” – Gelu Duminica, “Impreuna” Agency for Community Development.

Experiences from different countries

  • Turkey – CEVKO (Mr Mete Imer, CEO)
  • Greece – Herrco (Mr, Yiannis Razis, CEO)
  • Malta – Greenpak (Mr. Daniel Tabone, Senior Operations Manager)
  • Bulgaria – Eco Pack (Mr Todor Bourgoudjiev, CEO)
  • Romania – Eco Rom (Ms Liliana Nichita, Director)

The Federation of Development Intermunicipal Associations – Mr. Gabriel Moiceanu, President

Key performance indicators of the informal waste sector – Mr. Roland Ramusch, Institute of Waste Management, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.

Excurse No 1: Initiatives in South American countries – Mr Philippe Diexcsens, DANONE

Excurse No 2: Challenges in the collection of bulky waste and overview about solutions in different countries to integrate the informal sector – Ms Gudrun Obersteiner, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Experiences from different countries

  • FYR Macedonia – Pakomak (Mr Filip Ivanovski, CEO)
  • Project “Informal sector integration in solid waste management in Tunisia” , Mr. Cosmin Briciu, Green Partnets, Romania
  • Serbia – Mr. Mihail Mateski, General Manager, GREENTECH d.o.o.

Panel Discussion – Learnings from the presentations and future steps – Moderator Joachim Quoden, EXPRA

  • Romanian Ministry of Environment
  • ISWA Representative – Dr. Helmut Stadler
  • Municipalities-– Mr. Gabriel Moiceanu, President FADI
  • download the presentation
  • NGO’s Mr. Cosmin Briciu, Green Partnets, Romania
  • Mr. Maarten G. Labberton, Director EAA Packaging Group
  • Waste Management Company- ARS, Mr. Domitru Mihalache
  • Academics – Ms Gudrun Obersteiner, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna