Public consultation on the review of EU Waste Targets launched – EXPRA to contribute

In early June, a public consultation by Eunomia on the review of EU Waste Targets was launched. The project aims to contribute to the best solutions for the targets of the EU Waste Framework Directive, Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive and Landfill Directive. It responds both to the review clauses of these directives, but also aims to put the directives more in line with EU resource efficiency ambitions.

The consultation includes sections on:

  • WFD (key issues, suggestions for revision)
  • Landfill directive (key issues, suggestions for revision)
  • PPWD (key issues, suggestions for revision)
  • Consultation Regarding the Aspirations of the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe
  • Targets as a Tool in EU waste Legislation

The consultation includes separate sections on the three directives, asking questions about these, but also includes questions related to the aspirational targets from the Resource Efficiency Roadmap. The consultation will be open until 10 September 2013. EXPRA will take part in the consultation.

Additional information and the online questionnaire are available here.