EXPRA takes part in Commission Public Consultation on Plastic Waste

The consultation period following the publication of the Commission’s Green Paper on Plastic Waste closed on 7 June. EXPRA submitted its contribution to the public consultation welcoming the Commission’s Green Paper and the opportunity provided to stakeholder and citizens to take part in the EU discussion on ways to improve the management of plastic waste in Europe.

The response provides EXPRA’s views on the 26 questions in the Green Paper, touching upon issues such as recycling and recovery targets, marine litter and how to achieve greater recycling rates. Emphasis is also placed on the importance of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in the context of plastic waste and that, moving forward, it will also be important to focus on efforts in the field of non-packaging plastic, through measures in fields including EPR and reinforced recycling targets.

The contributions to the public consultation are now being analysed and will feed into the ongoing work under the Waste Policy Review and further policy action in 2014.